for performing free improvisation

Guest Artists:

Loren Groenendaal -movement, Philadelphia 

Eun Jung Choi - movement, Philadelphia

Ada Adhiyatma / Madam Data - Electronics, Philadelphia

Jim Strong - Invented Instruments, Philadelphia 

Laurence Williams - Prepared Guitar/ Invented Instruments, Australia/ NY


Robin Meeker Cummings - electronics, Philadelphia/ Boston  

Asimina Chremos - 

dance, Philadelphia


Saturday, 8/31/19

7:30pm  sharp

@ Eden's Expressway

537 Broadway 4th fl.

(push #4, then push the green bell and walk up to 4th fl.*)

$10 suggested donation

This show is the second installation of an exchange between the Impermanent Society of Philadelphia and NexToNow, two platforms for the practice of interdisciplinary free improvisation in performance. Come see what we do!

*Unfortunately the elevator is under construction so this space is not currently accessible to wheelchairs.

From NYC:

Jenni Hong - movement-NYC 

Caitlin Cawley - 


Sarah Chien - movement-NYC 

Alexandra Matschiner-movement  - NYC/Germany 

Rebeca Medina - movement, NYC/Colombia 

Elise Knudson - movement, NYC

Marcelo Conti - sounds, Brazil

Sofia Del Mar Collins - 

movement, NYC


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Come and see what we do!


552 W 174th St. #53, New York, NY 10033, US